Functional Movement Fitness Center

Zuwire Fitness is a workout facility like no other.  We have taken the principles of functional movement and created programming that is designed to safely enhance your fitness and get you in the best shape of your life.


Not only do you have full access to a 24-hour gym with all the amenities, you also get daily custom programming and class instruction from our Certified Movement Specialists.  All for far less than you would pay for CrossFit, Orange Theory, or any number of lesser alternatives.  We have created the whole package for our members, and the results speak for themselves.


I work from home with five kids. I joined ZuWire to get a short break, and a workout without all the interruptions! I fell in love with the Zutensity&GritIron classes. The trainers know how to make it fun with a little competition, but still always prioritizing the main goal of a long term healthy lifestyle. The whole staff knows every member by name and I feel like they really care about us and our fitness goals. I feel happier, healthier & stronger since I joined over a year ago. I am such a huge fan! Thanks ZuWire Fam!

Lizzy Powell

These photos represent my two year Gym-iversary. Zuwire Fitness is something new, that I have never experienced before! Something truly different: amazing programming where I have been taught to avoid injury, while experiencing innovative functional training. I have found the magic “it” factor in my success - at ZuWire Fitness!

Stephanie Ewell

Zuwire is a great family atmosphere. I love how each class setting feels like a one-on-one training with a personal trainer. They're always great workouts without the injury. The staff and members have all become good friends.

Branden Kirk