Membership Rates

We provide our members with complete access to all our amenities AND classes for one low monthly price.  We believe in simple pricing and adding incredible value to our members.

And to protect that value for all our members, we are capping our membership at 1000 members.  At Zuwire Fitness, you’ll never have to worry about competing for space!


Single Membership

$59 per month

Couple Membership

$99 per month

Your Membership Includes

Our instructors take you beyond the box with high intensity functional movement.

Utilizing body weight mechanics and varying tempos this 30 minute class is a whole-body workout.

Keep track of every workout and your progress in one easy to use platform.

Come test your mettle with unconventional equipment in our outdoor arena.

Wet or dry heat relaxation rooms.

Complete resistance band setup with video instruction.

Access real strength and muscle development through advanced neuromuscular recruitment.

Our recovery class is designed to re-energize your body through myofascial realease.

Cycling on various courses while wearing heart rate monitors to stay in the zone.

Increase your energy and find inner peace with gentle stretches, postures and poses.

Free weights, selectorize machines, treadmills, elipticals, and much more.