ZU-strength Boot Camp – July 2015

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ZUwire Fitness and C1 Fitness Solutions are teaming up to bring you a two week program designed for youth ages 12-15 that will catapult you into summer with the fundamental knowledge to harness the physical strength every kid dreams of having and the mental strength that every parent wants for their kids. Join us as we learn and practice the exercises and technique required to grow lean, core physical strength. Commit to align yourself with your dreams and ambitions as we discuss the core principles inherent in every mentally tough individual who has met challenge headfirst and seen difficulty through to overcoming. Don’t miss this opportunity to participate in a program of action that will open your eyes and heart to a new you! Introductory camp price is $189.00 per youth participant. Dates for training areJuly 13-16 and July 20-23. See you there!!

 Sign Ups the day of the 13th will be $10.00 more


ZuStrength offers participants:

Education in the newest and most effective strength conditioning taught by a NASM certified personal trainer. Including:

  • Stability, Balance, Cardiovascular and Respiratory training
  • Speed, Agility, Plyometric and jump training
  • Resistance training with conventional weights, machines and bands
  • Cross training and Unconventional/Functional fitness training using:
    • Kettlebells, Sandbags, weighted agility bars
    • Wall balls, Plyometric Boxes, Gymnastics rings
    • Battle Ropes, Outdoor training sleds, tractor tires
  • Classroom education. Teaching the importance of developing multiple layers of Strength:
    • Neuromuscular strength: Physical strength.. Correcting muscle imbalances, building posturally correct and powerful bodies.
    • Physiological strength: Internal biological strength.. Nutrition to support healthy tissue and cell growth and efficient organ function
    • Energetic strength: Mental and Spiritual strength.. Learn to harness the strength of your vision, desires and mental focus.
    • Self mastery: The giving strength. We can never fully appreciate what we learn until we are able and willing to share it with others.

Each of the 2 weeks will be broken down into 4 workouts and 4 classes which will take place from 11am to 1pm. Class education time will be the last 30 to 40 min of each training day and will be available for parents to attend with their kids.


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